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Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonials from clients:

“My family life is really busy and I don’t have the time or knowledge to effectively find, certify and employ Personal Care Assistants to look after my husband. The services that My Care Directory provide for us, enables us to receive quality care, support and flexibility without the additional stress of all the paper work and legislation that comes with employing a team of carers. The net result of this is that I know my husband’s social and care needs are fully provided for, allowing me to concentrate on all other aspects of family life! I would highly recommend this type of service over other choices and methods of care providers that are currently available as we have explored these other avenues in the past without as much success.” Mrs B Langley.

” thankyou for the excellent service that you are providing. I have had some dealings with similar care in South London and have to say that none of the one’s that I have had dealings with have come close to the quality that you are providing. It is much appreciated.” Mr. M Brewer.

“Words are not enough. I believe that for my criteria of care, My Care Directory deserves to have an award. Without My Care Directory me and my husband would not be able to cope. I am disabled and I heavily rely on others to care for me. I have had care for nearly 20 years and in that time I have used over 4 domiciliary care agencies and I found the way they work very difficult. They have not been able to fulfil my whole care needs, which are not just the practical bits like personal care. I needed more emotional support and flexibility and so I tried using personal care assistants that I found myself. This was also very difficult and we found it too stressful. Since I have had My Care Directory, I feel that Ceri is very caring and is dedicated to her job and she deserves high recognition for what she does. The way her company works means that I now feel more confident than ever before, I have a great team of carers who have time for me, they listen and provide the flexibility of care that I need. It also helps that I know that Ceri is always there if I need her. I only wish that I had found My Care Directory years ago. I have never been so happy.” Mrs J Lewis

“ My medical needs mean that neither a domiciliary care agency nor employing carers myself would be suitable for me. My Care Directory takes the stress away and so far, working together to find the right carers that understand my needs has proved to work very well.” Mr. D. Lang


Testimonials from Personal Care Assistants:

“Although I personally have only started working as a PA within the last few months, I am finding it so much more rewarding than my previously role as a carer for an agency. I work with a small group of clients all of which have been introduced to me by Ceri at My Care Directory. As I work as part of a small team of PA’s the clients get the continuity they need at the times they need for the length of time they want. Any changes that arise for a variety of reasons are quickly adapted to and the flexibility they need is there. I am fundamentally self employed but I do have the reassurance of knowing that Ceri is there for support and advice should l need it. It’s also good to have the opportunity to expand my own client base if I want to through My Care Directory. Training opportunities also arise which is really important to keep you up to date with mandatory training and career development. I would definitely recommend being a PA to any carer who had become as dissatisfied with working for a care agency as I had. I just wish I’d done it sooner.”  Maureen Spiller.

“I have found that working with Ceri at My Care Directory over the last year has given me greater freedom to do the job I love whilst having consistency and support when needed. The clients that I work with love having the knowledge that their team of care workers are hand picked and most suited to their needs. They thrive on having a small group of regular workers and I have on several occasions received thank you cards,flowers and chocolates.”  Tamsin Jackson


Case Studies:

Mrs N:

This case study shows that as a social enterprise we are addressing poverty. Mrs N lived in a bungalow on a warden controlled site and we were recommended to her by one of the wardens who knew of the successful support we offered to other residents in the area. Her curtains had moth holes, the carpets were thread bare with no underlay and were not correctly fitted which created a risk of trips and falls, the house needed a deep clean and the flooring in the kitchen had not been replaced for over 20 years. The client’s family purchased some vinyl tiles for the kitchen, some curtains were donated to My Care Directory and a local flooring company donated carpets and underlay for the lounge and hallway. My Care Directory funded the cost of fitting the carpets and kitchen tiles and paid for personal care assistants to deep clean the house and to hang the new curtains up. The total cost of this work and the products would have cost the client in excess of £950.

Mrs P:

This case study shows that as a social enterprise we are addressing isolation and loneliness.  Mrs P lived on her own with no living familiy members.  She had used all of her savings to contribute towards the costs of her care which enabled her to stay at home as she did not want to go to a care home.  Once all of her savings had gone she was faced with the serious prospect that her income and funding from social services could not cover all of her care costs and meet her needs should she wish to stay out of a care home.  My Care Directory made applications to charities on behalf of Mrs P and found a solution to her problem which involved a large amount of voluntary time being offered.  As a result Mrs P was able to stay out of a care home for a further 9 months.